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HYLA EST Standard Accessories



Each HYLA leaves our Facility with a large standard asseccories package.

With that you are equipped for the commonest occuring applications and can start immedeately.



Multible-Purpose Brush

You will already have guessed that your HYLA is also used for vacuum-cleaning. With its concentrated power, the HYLA extracts even tightly sitting dust particles from the floor. It is ideally suited for smooth floors and fitted carpets.



Flexible Dry Hose

Depending on application, available in different lengths. The standard length is 2.20 m - that's longer than any other standard hose on the market.



Hard Dry Tube EST (2pcs.)

Individual adjustment for optimal cleaning with your HYLA.

Blowing Nozzle and Crevice Tool

Clothes Brush

Furniture Brush

Modular Nozzle Set